Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi

Born on 03-06-1924 M. Karunanidhi was the longest Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu engaged in Dravidian Social Movements from his earlier age of 14 year revolting against discrimination during this period. Besides being a veteran politician, he had been an attractive orator, a writer of more than 10 books, screenplays and a Poet. He has made contributions to Tamil literature, having written stories, plays, novels, and a multiple-volume memoir.

He is popularly known as KALAIGNAR in Tamil, which means ARTIST. He was multifaceted activist worked all along for the equality in all spears and against discrimination based on caste, religion, gender. He was a torch bearer of Dravidian ideology during his time.

Three heirs of Dravidian Movement PERIYAR, ANNA and KALAIGNAR are equated with SOCRATES, PLATO and ARISTOTLE.

He died on 07-08-2018 at the age of 94 years.

Chief Patron

The Chief Patron of this event is Tamil Nadu Minister for Health, Medical Education and Family Welfare Ma. Subramanian. The former Mayor of Chennai is a multiple record holder in Endurance Running.

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